Pineapple Playroom

I'm trying something new for me on the blog so I can keep my design mojo flowing. I don't always have clients for rooms I have ideas for such as this playroom design I'm about to show you. I'm constantly being inspired by different things I see in my day to day.
On Friday, I stopped by PostScript on campus and was delighted to see that they had the new Simplified Planners by Emily Ley out already!

I won't be needing a new one until December, but it was so exciting to see the new designs in person! I was lucky enough to win a Simplified Planner from Antique Garden this past year. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. I remember racing right over there to pick it up and squealed when I saw it was the mint dot edition! The Simplified Planner that has caught my eye this time around is the gold pineapple edition. I hope they still have this print when it comes time for me to order a new one, but for now I'll just use the cheerfulness that pineapples bring to design one of the most fun filled rooms in a family home... The playroom!

I love the idea of keeping a child's bedroom just for sleeping and having a spare room to corral the mountain of toys children seem to accumulate from birthdays and Christmas. I also love the idea of creating a space specifically for kids to use their imagination and be creative!

This playroom starts off with an accent wall of this Welcoming Pineapple wallpaper. I think one wall will give it enough cheeriness to spark some creativity. The rest of the walls I would just color match with a white paint to keep things crisp. There will be tons of color coming from all the different toys so you really don't want to go to crazy adding in a million different colors design wise.
The green chair is from Ikea and coordinates with the wallpaper accent wall nicely to create a sweet spot to curl up with a good book. How cute is that bear with the flower crown throw pillow?! Love the messages the other two throw pillows bring to the space as well!
The rug is a slate blue and adds a fresh new color without being too overbearing and adds a soft place to play. I kept everything else in the room white as to keep things from looking too cluttered. A tiny table with tiny industrial metal chairs are the cutest addition to this play space!

I can see a little girl or a little boy or both playing in this space and love how this design could easily be tweaked to be more girly or more boyish with just a few changes.
The meaning behind the pineapple is to be welcoming and I think this playroom is just that!