Anyone else just loving 2017 so far? I know it's only day 3, but it has been exactly what I needed. Yesterday, I took my breakfast loving husband to Sunnyside Diner in OKC and he loved it! The short stack of pancakes could feed a family of six!

After breakfast we took a short trip to West Elm to exchange some of the cutest velvet pillow covers for a lighter color that doesn't blend in with our current couch. I love taking Trey into home decor places and seeing what he naturally gravitates towards. So much of our home is a reflection of me and while I'm definitely not giving up my love of pink, I am excited to incorporate more things that I know he likes too. He tends to be drawn to more modern elements while I'm all vintage, all curves, all gold, all the time. It will be a fun challenge to blend those two styles together.

Speaking of a challenge... Winter in Oklahoma. We just never know! Light layers are everything on these balmy Oklahoma days in... December/January. This poncho is like BUTTER. So soft and is great for just enough warmth paired with a shorter sleeve shirt or could be cozier with a longer thicker sleeved shirt as well.

Obsessing over this fringe crossbody clutch. It comes in black too!

This is what you get when your photographer says "Do something different and OPEN your eyes!" haha

Treat yourself to this entire outfit or 2 or three more outfits at The Clothing Bar in Norman! My favorite! I can't say it enough... this poncho is like butter. BUTTER!

As for my goals for 2017 my number one goal is to become tanner... just kidding I will never be tan and I'm perfectly fine with that. My friend Chloe (her blog A Latte A Lipstick is awesome!) calls it being a "pale beauty" and I love that!

I haven't fully sat down to flesh out (grossest saying) all of my goals for 2017, but one thing for sure is that every Tuesday there will be a new blog post up!  I'll be sharing our home, our DIY projects which are more like projects I started, but still need to finish... #oops and parties, recipes, and every girl fashion that is affordable and "comfy cute."

Other goals I'd like to accomplish:

-Organize every last closet, drawer, cabinet, under the guest bed, and any other nook in our house that needs some attention. I have a post with my best tips for organizing your closet in the works!

-Dedicating my self to using my Simplified Planner every day, multiple times a day. I thrive with a to do list and a plan of action. I spent the other afternoon detailing every last action step needed to create a content calendar for the blog because in the words of Mariah Carey... "it gives me life." It fuels my heart for creativity like no other and I'm happy just to be here writing for me and the things I love to do.

-Finish reading my Bible. I am about half way and I have never learned so much in my life! I love growing my connection with God and reading exactly what I need to hear at certain times.

-Trey and I have plan to start looking for our very first home this year. It is terrifying and exhilarating all at once. I've come to learn that being an adult is truly a guessing game at times and the only way to learn is to experience first hand.

-Worry less. The amount of space I let worry take up in my brain is not good. It's a constant struggle for me, but I'm feeling good about 2017 so far!

-Hit my business goals. The details of these goals are still coming to me so they'll have to be shared in another post, but this "general" goal is a goal in and of itself. Bite sized actions are my focus this year.

-More dates! Trey and I can be extreme homebodies. More so me than Trey, but it is so important to connect and get on the same page, and dream together so we are making a point to get those dates on the schedule every month!

So none of those are revolutionary resolutions or goals, but I like that they aren't. At least right now anyways. These are foundation builders for the more detailed goals to form upon and I'm excited to see them take shape.

What are your goals? Tag me on Instagram (@haleyacres) detailing your goals! I'd love to know them and cheer you on!