Road Trip, Let's All Go! {Waco, TX Part 2}

The Magnolia Market was a great first stop in Waco, but I wanted to make sure you all knew that Waco has a lot of other cool spots to pop in at!

The Findery was so awesome! One of my favorite shops to date. First of all. This building is so beautiful and I can't even describe how the light was just streaming in from all the windows in the most beautiful way! I dream of owning a pretty shop like this full of vintage finds one day. Waco is probably the place to do it!

We were greeted by this pretty little number. Can you stand how cute the scalloped sleeve and hem is? I regret not trying it on, but it was rainy and dreary out. Too much rain gear on equals no desire to try on cute clothes. What's wrong with me?! HA!

The cutest home decor items. I really wanted to grab a few of those cake stands, but I was saving my loot for RoundTop. I wish I would have known more about RoundTop because I would have gone crazy shopping frenzy at Magnolia and The Findery if I had known. (more to come on that note.)

At the back of the store, there were these roll top garage doors and the cutest painting studio you ever did see. I close my eyes at night and dream of a creative space like the one they had. Look at all that colorful chalk paint!

Going up some beautiful mint stairs... It just got more and more stunning. How cute would that navy and white striped dresser be in a little boy's room? I'm digging how it looks paired with the mint stairs!

I was delighted at how many cute items the shop contained. I didn't really see anything that I wouldn't want to see in my home. I have a very vintage home, but I'm looking to incorporate more industrial and farmhouse elements for a an attempt at balance. Not that I'm not holding out for that pink velvet sofa if I ever find another one!

This wooden crate on casters would make a darling coffee table with a white slipcovered couch. I also loved those iron patio chairs, but I'm not one for using the giant wooden spools as a table even though I think that is a great way to repurpose them if that is your style.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how dreamy this headboard is? The height alone is wonderful, but the detail takes it over the top. I can see this with crisp white linens and a soft blue color palette.

I loved the mix and match look that they created with the tables and chairs. The different textures really complimented each other and I just wanted to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch with friends and chat and that is exactly the feeling that a dining table should evoke.

These pretty floral robes came in all different color stories. I was drooling over the white and pink large scale rose print in the upper left photo. Pretty packaging can push a product to luxury status and these soaps, lotions, and other bath items were calling my name. Pairing the floral robes with a pretty packaged lotion would be a very cute bridesmaid or Mother's Day gift.

After we wrapped up at The Findery, we had to make a stop at Common Grounds, a local coffee shop that was featured on an episode of Fixer Upper. The owners of Common Grounds were clients of Chip and Joanna's buying their first home! We didn't get to sample their coffee creations because the line was long and my sister may or may not have been waiting in the car in a tow away zone... :) But inside was very ethreal and magical. I wish I would have gotten more photos, but I was suddenly very shy and didn't want people to think I was taking photos of them and not the coffee shop. #awkward #notacreeper

Right next door to Common Grounds is The Heritage Creamery. How cute is this place?! Those lights had me at hello.

The ice cream cone t-shirt and vintage Heritage Creamery t-shirt were cute cute cute. While the ice cream portion couldn't hold a candle next to the portions at Braums for the price we paid, the flavor was out of this world. I have never had such yummy ice cream before. I got chocolate (typical) and picked up a scoop of salted vanilla bean for Abbie who was patiently waiting and illegally parked outside. :)

I was definitely smitten by the town of Waco and plan on going back for another trip! We weren't even there a full day so I can only image what greatness I could uncover in a weekend. Have you been to Waco? Anything I should check out next time I'm around?


Sorry for the photo overload! :)