The Most Overlooked Room

I've never had a gorgeous or spacious laundry room like the one above and I've never really thought about it because quite frankly... laundry is for the birds. BUT, then I got to thinking... (which is always a little dangerous when it comes to design daydreaming for our house) I've never had a space to "enjoy" doing laundry in. Maybe that would change my whole outlook on laundry?

My parent's house has a walk through laundry room from garage to kitchen, Pi Phi had a laundry room with so many machines that it was too loud and crowded to fold in, I moved in with Trey after Pi Phi and the laundry was in the garage which was also boy hang out central on the weekends so you can imagine how pretty that was... actually don't, you'll have nightmares. Finally we moved into our current house and it is back to another walk through laundry room from the garage to the kitchen. I digress.

Back to business... There are a lot of easy features you can add to your laundry room to make the task more efficient or dare I say... Enjoyable?

For example this lint bin would probably save Trey and I from a fight or two. I'm go go go when it comes to getting the clothes from the washer to the dryer and sometimes I get caught up in doing that and leave the lint on top of the dryer. Insert lecture from Trey here. It's one of his pet peeves.

I don't know how many times I had come home to my "bank clothes" (when I used to work in marketing at a bank) being thrown in the dryer along with all of my regular clothes. This dry eraser idea seems perfect for resolving accidental shrinking.

Am I the only one who missed the symbols memo when it comes to laundry? Seriously though... Was there a class or something? How are we supposed to know what that triangle with the three lines through it is supposed to mean? Looks like the food pyramid to me. Hanging this laundry cheat sheet as laundry room art is the perfect solution to those head scratching symbols!

If you really want to take your laundry room to the next level, make it into a laundry oasis! Create a room you feel happy to be in! Paint the cabinets your favorite color, install an easy to clean backsplash, use fun cabinet pulls, label the door with a fun decal or etching, the possibilities are endless!

What do you think? Would you be more willing to do laundry if you had a space that was beautiful? Would you still dread it? I think I still wouldn't love it, but I'd love being in that room and it would help me feel a little better about doing the laundry. Speaking of doing laundry... the washing machine is buzzing so I must go!