Road Trip, Let's All Go! {The Sealy House}

So the moment has come... the third and final installment of our Waco/RoundTop trip!

I'm a bit of a hotel snob. I have a really hard time sleeping as it is and add me feeling insecure or uncomfortable with the accommodations and you can basically guarantee my eyes won't shut the entire night. The anxiety level is astronomical.

However, I was really excited about this little cotton candy color cottage my sister friend, Ashley, found called the Sealy House. It is just outside of RoundTop in Fayetteville which is maybe a fifteen minute drive away from RoundTop. (We were originally going to stay at the Red & White Inn which is also a part of Blackbird Farm Lodging, but we booked too late to snag those rooms.)

From Norman we drove to Waco, visited a while, and then headed on to the Fayetteville/RoundTop area which is where this cute little cottage is. Now, I'm not going to lie. I honestly thought Abbie was driving us out into the middle of nowhere to a field with cows and technically that is true. This cute little cottage and another house on the property back up to a field with bluebonnets and cows.

I mean does it get anymore inviting than a white picket fence with an arbor covered in petal pink roses as the entrance to a charming brick paver path to the most darling little cottage? I think not. I love a brick paver path. #gimme

I was a little shocked at first to be so far out from the tiny town of Fayetteville, but once we got settled in I got used to the idea. Just don't make me think about how long it would have taken any emergency responders to get to us! :) #iworryalot

Proof of how much I worry: There is one bathroom in this itty bitty cottage and it is on a sliding barn door. The first night Abbie and I shared the king bed while Ashley and Mom took the fold out bed. I guess I had just fallen asleep and was in that weird "I don't know where I am" dream state because someone slid the bathroom barn door closed and I flailed both of my arms across the bed, smacking Abbie, and I yelled out for Trey! AH! So embarrassing that I honestly thought I had dreamt it until the next morning when the girls were laughing at me!

Other than a bumpy first night (which anywhere is for me) it was a little paradise!

Aren't front porches just dreamy?! I loved getting a group shot on the little front porch of our cozy cottage! Those teal Adirondack chairs are the icing on the cake! Coffee in the morning was extra cute sitting and sipping while I was waking up for the long day of antiquing ahead! 

This door. It was weathered and warm and had the cutest little iron doorknob with tiny etchings on it.

The mornings were amazing, but my breath was truly taken away by the sunsets! That sun flare though. So lovely that I screamed "MATERNITY PHOTOSHOOT" and made Abbie sit in the field of bluebonnets and pink flowers.

Let's play eye spy Abbie striking a sassy pose! This was towards the end of the impromptu maternity photoshoot and someone loves to strike a silly pose!

I wish I would have snapped better photos of the inside, but once we unloaded all of our stuff from the car we had bombarded every available surface with hair dryers, makeup bags, and all the other necessities. Check out the inside here.

We had a great adventure! I hope these recaps have given you an idea of whats what and a fun idea for a girls trip! If you have any questions I'd love to help!