Hot Spot: The Social Club

Downtown Main Street in Norman is the spot to be. It has an eclectic vibe with a cool attitude and The Social Club fits perfectly into this scene. It is a boutique/hair salon hybrid that will knock your socks off. You walk in and are immediately greeted with a golden glow from the ceiling to the lighting to the warm wood tones. It is exactly the feeling you should have when you walk into a store or hair salon. They seriously nailed it. Retail bliss anyone?

The front half of the space is a boutique that is perfectly curated to strike a harmonious balance between handmade/local treasures and products designed to make the perfect gift for anyone. All kinds of hidden gems can be found here from gifts for guys, girls, or just to treat yo self. I'm totally down with that. 

Some of my favorite finds here are a wide collection of cheeky cards and prints, a whole lot of goodness, Mariposa coffee (Locally roasted. Yes please.), and my newest addiction... Smith & Cult nail polish. If you like OPI, you'll love Smith & Cult. Their line boasts some of the prettiest nail polish colors I have ever seen. 


The papery section does not disappoint. I'm very into sending and receiving mail. Opening the mail box and finding something inside that is not a bill or junk mail makes me jump for joy! A handmade or hand lettered card? Even better. 

If you're like me, then a whole wall of papery goodness awaits you! 

The jewelry shown above are works of art! Almost every piece sold at The Social Club is hand crafted by the boutique owner, Dana Scott. Her jewelry line, Pistachio, is the epitome of chic and utilizes natural stones and other elements to create one of a kind pieces. 

A huge bonus is that you can shop while your hair is processing! Need to get your hair done before a party and still haven't had time to grab the hostess a gift? Kill two birds with one stone at The Social Club. No problem! If you're not local you can still shop jewelry, paper goods, accessories and more online here.

Now, let's talk hair. The back half of the space is the salon and it is equally as magical :)

I have been AMAZED at the turn around that my hair has taken since I started going to The Social Club. Prior to switching, I had a very unfortunate frying accident at another salon. Now, my Social Club Stylist, Sandy, has really worked her magic and continues to nurse my hair back to health. She has mad hair skills. 

The Social Club is one of few salons selected to use and sell the new exclusive R+Co hair care line. All of it smells like heaven and has the most inventive labels for a hair product line that I have ever seen. Smells delicious + pretty packaging + works hair magic = SOLD. 

From killer photography of some stunning heads of hair to the cheeky sayings on the shelves, I enjoy the time I spend here so much! It is a full on experience and a treat to get your hair done. They serve the best coffee (Mariposa) and have a beverage bar stocked with tons of other options too. You can sit and relax while binge reading magazines in the comfy sitting area or you can hop up and shop the boutique up front. It is the total salon package! 

If you are looking for a new stylist give The Social Club a ring! Find their digits and booking info here.

Happy Friday! YAY!!


P.S. I was not compensated in any way to write this post. I just TRULY enjoy the whole Social Club experience and good finds are just too good not to share. It would be wrong of me to hold back from you their amazingness.