Create Your Very OWN Valentine's Day Get Ready Space

It is a rainy Valentine's day here in Oklahoma, but I know a lot of us will be getting dolled up for our Valentine's dates tonight! When the weather is dreary and cold the last thing I want to do is get out of my cozy pajamas and put on a dress and trudge my pretty gold heals through the puddles. But! We must always get up, dress up, and show up for the ones we love, so I wanted to share a few little things that make me excited to get ready!

Vanities are like gold in my book. I still remember my first plastic Fisher Price vanity and how my older brother would steal the chair to sit on while he played video games. #boys

I love to sit at my vanity (I use it as a desk a lot too.) Creating a space to get ready that is all your own is truly magical. We have two bathrooms in our house and no matter how early or how late I'm running, Trey ALWAYS ends up RIGHT NEXT TO ME getting ready. Which ends up making us cranky and irritable at each other. Anyone else the queen and king of fighting right before an event? Or is that just us! haha

So to alleviate that stress, I created a pretty little spot for me to get ready that I know he won't say "scoot over I need the toothpaste or mirror" a million and one times while I'm curling my hair. 

Tips to creating your perfect "get ready" space:

1) Make sure you have good light!  (so so very important when it comes to getting ready!)

2) Put your favorite things where you can see them on a pretty little tray. They will calm you when you're feeling rushed to get out the door.

3) Flowers. I don't care if you say flowers aren't your "thing," I dare you to look a peony in the face and not smile! :)

4) Must have perfume. There is nothing better to make your confidence soar through the roof than to put on a bit of perfume before heading out the door. Plus! Scent is a powerful thing.

5) Put your jewels on last! You don't want to get foundation, powder, eye shadow, perfume on those sparkles.

Bonus Tip: Always feel free to splash in puddles in pink wellies no matter how old you are! Also they come in extremely handy when it's raining and your Valentine's Day shoes are not water resistant. #hellosuedeheels

Create your own space with a few of these favorites! 





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