Valentine's Day 411

The Valentine's Day countdown is on! Only two weeks away!

While T reminds me in little ways each day how much he loves me like his "It's 11:11 make a wish" text each and every day... (Sometimes its at 10:10, 11:11, and 12:12 #likechillwiththewishtexts :) JK... I love them... or do i?... JK... I really do love them #inserthearteyeemojii)

Anywhoo... It's great that there is one day specifically dedicated to showing how much you love someone by just doing something special for them! (Huge believer in loving on your people every day, but Valentine's Day is super fun so go with it!)

Gifts do not have to be big and neither do Valentine's Day plans! Here are a few quick ideas on how to make a big splash on Valentine's Day with various budgets:

$25: Make her favorite dinner and give her this beautiful agate bottle opener to pop open some beverages to go with your meal!

$50: Pick up a pizza, grab some pretty hydrangea flowers, rent HER favorite movie, and fill this cute initial mug with chocolates! Simple, sweet, and will make her feel on top of the world!

$75: Grab a quick bite to eat, give her some cozy socks and tinted lip balm and head to the movies to see La La Land or some other movie she'd like! Don't forget the Bunch a Crunch and Popcorn!

$100: Is your lady a home decor lover? Place this cute welcome mat with a bow at the front door to welcome her home from work (since Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday this year,) greet her with a glass of champagne (or her drink of choice) and give her a luster velvet throw pillow! Then head off to a fun dinner! She'll be blown away!

$150: Or does she have a passion for fashion? A lovely dinner at her favorite restaurant paired with these pretty tassel earrings and these slip on sneakers will appeal to her inner fancy and everyday fashion! Top the night off with a little toast telling her how much you love her!

$300: If you are going to throw down some $$$ for Valentine's Day, I'd suggest a staycation at one of your favorite local hotels! It is a Tuesday night after all. This one requires a little more prep like packing her an overnight bag, but with these cute silk pajamas and a change of clothes for her to wear to work the next day you'll create a Valentine's Day she'll never forget! P.S. Don't forget the toiletries like contact solution, makeup, etc.

These are just a few ideas, and it definitely depends on the person, but I hope these ideas sparked a great plan for your Valentine's Day! The smallest of gestures can mean the world!

Fellas: This gift guide could be your best friend. Make this a Valentine's Day a memory she'll always hold on to with a huge smile.

Ladies: Share this gift guide with your hubs/boyfriend. I would say they mostly hate guessing when it comes to gifts!

{1} Initial Mug   {2} Ivory Slip On Sneakers   {3} Travel Mug   {4} Tassel Earrings    {5} Robe
{6} Pretty Stack of Paper Candle   {7} Agate Bottle Opener   {8} Tinted Lip Balm
{9} Valentine's Day Socks   {10} Gold Flatware   {11} Blush Slip On Sneakers
{12} Luster Velvet PIllow Cover   {13} Welcome Mat   {14} Silk Pillow Case  
{15} Sparkle Bracelet   {16} Latte Bowl   {17} Perfume   {18} Bow Pajama Set





This post contains affiliate links. The curating of this gift guide is solely of my own opinion.