Wedding Vibes

I feel like I've been planning this wedding forever in my head. Every little girl does that right? The only way I can describe my vision is I want everything to have a touch of vintage glam. I want our wedding to feel like it could have happened in the 20's or 50's (no flapper fringe or poodle skirts here), but with a modern twist.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis is someone I've looked up to with her grace and ability to throw a fabulous party. I'm the girl who has read biographies, searched through countless vintage photographs, and I have even modeled a few of my own style choices after this stunning lady.

I don't know why, but everything seems a little bit more magical when captured in black and white. It's timeless and elegant and something that can hang in your home forever without being like "What on earth was I thinking choosing yellow and orange as my wedding colors?!" Don't even get me started on wedding colors... I'm still stumped! 

See that milk glass peeking through? I have a rather large growing collection and I plan on mixing it with gold mercury glass and tons of candles to create my vintage glam centerpieces. A couple of years ago Target had a gold mercury glass line out at Christmas and I'm the crazy lady who bought up most of it at the Norman store. I knew that someday my hoarder tendencies would pay off! Not everyone has enough items just sitting around to create over 20 centerpieces. I'm pretty proud of that! :) Always be prepared to through a grand and glamorous party ladies!

Let's talk cake. Trey and I love chocolate so I'm sure there will be some sort of chocolate cake, but chocolate  does not a wedding cake make. Especially not one that mimics milk glass. So I would have to say that when wedding cake tasting comes around Trey and I will be pretty pumped and on the hunt to find a flavor that will work for the milk glass look! 

A little bow action. A little glitz. A little glamour. And a whole lot of pretty going on in these beautiful pumps! I can just imagine twirly around the dance floor in these pretties! Trey spin me! {Dance lessons might be required on our end before 1)Trey spins me like a ballerina and 2) I can gracefully spin in heels without breaking my neck} 

F. Scott Fitzgerald's words are magnetic and quotes from one of my favorite authors sprinkled throughout the venue will be the perfect touch! I can't wait to start going through my collection of one of my other hoarding tendencies... vintage frames! 

Oh Pinterest, you got me. When I first saw this escort card idea I immediately thought black and white tile or all white tiles lined up on a vintage table. Now all we need to do is start practicing our handwriting and by we I mean you my darling sissy/the richmond in acres & richmond/ maid of honor, Abbie! 

There are just no words for how excited I am to see my handsome husband to be in a black and white sleek tuxedo!

To wrap up this glamorous night we plan to drive off in my Dad's black and white 1955 Chevy Bel air. Or my Dad will drive us since no one is allowed to drive his beloved Bel air except him! I would definitely be horrible at it so I totally understand. I can't wait to cherish these photos forever! 

This is totally happening... just kidding Dad. Now that is what I call a send off! 


Happy Wed-nesday!