Weekend Look Book: August 13th & 14th

Good Morning! I love spending the weekend full of being productive and crossing things off my to-do list, but also spending it intentionally with T.

On Saturday morning we woke up, made breakfast, and then we looked up at the clock and it was 10:30am. We were still in our pajamas and made a mad dash rush to get ready in order to get over to the post office before they stopped taking passport appointments. You know those tasks you're like "Oh I need to do that," but actually keep putting it off every weekend? Guilty for the past six or so weeks since I initially filled out the paperwork...

Our honeymoon will be both of our first times to travel internationally! Jamaica here we come! We are so so excited and I must say that I'm actually looking forward to it more than our wedding... Why are weddings so much pressure?!

I'm happy to say we made it there at 11:50am and the nice nice lady made time for us! Afterwards we went to eat at La Puebla and got to experience their new patio! It was so much fun because T and I were the only ones out there and it was like the cutest little patio oasis for just the two of us.

Our neighbor has these gorgeous light pink Crepe Myrtles and I of course needed to get a quick pic with them so I can remember them for our future home. Anyone else besides me have a difficult time investing in plants when you don't think you'll be at that house to enjoy them for very long? Plus. I kill all the plants.

On Sunday we got up and cooked "Our Usual." French toast and hash browns. T makes some mean french toast. Sadly, I'm still mastering the art of the perfect golden brown hash browns. My batch turned out a little too crispy if you know what I'm saying... #burnt

While we were eating breakfast, I looked back and saw Miss Evie asleep and had to snap a quick photo. She is oddly possessive over our shoes. She will collect them one by one from around the house and lay by them. I honestly think it's because she gets very distressed when we leave and she knows we will have to wake her up to get our shoes before we can leave. Not that we don't tell her we love her one million times before we leave. Why can't we take our dogs with us everywhere?! I know she'd like Home Goods.

Last but not least, I made a huge cleaning to-do list and I'm very happy to say that we knocked almost the whole list out on Sunday! I love to wake up on a Monday knowing all the laundry is done, the dishes are all put away and I can get to work without worrying about T coming home to a huge mess. Also, I work at the kitchen table a lot and just having dirty dishes in my sight line is enough to derail my best intentions for the day.

Speaking of my cleaning to-do list, I love to wash our bedding every Sunday so we can start the week off fresh. Is there anything better than spring fresh sheets?! Oh, Kate Spade polka dot pillow cases you say?! I wholeheartedly agree, but they are definitely a close match! I snagged these two standard size Kate Spade pillow cases at HomeGoods for just $12! I love adding in a hint of texture and pattern to a bed with fun pillow cases! Don't be afraid to mix your sheets and pillow cases!

Passports: CHECK

Burritos: CHECK

French Toast: CHECK

Cleaning and Laundry: CHECK

Weekend well spent: CHECK CHECK!

Now go have the best Monday ever in the history of Mondays!