Welcome Home: The Before Tour

It’s been about six months since we moved in so I think it’s high time for a little house tour “Before Style.” This is Trey and I’s first home purchase and we were looking for something that was well priced and needed a little love with good bones in a great neighborhood.

If you’re not a fan of black, white, and pink then buckle your seat belts because that is definitely a common theme in our house! I love black and white. My favorite decor style is lots and lots of white with black and wood accents and punches of color here and there. So I can see the 70s spin on that from the previous owner who originally built the home. When I look at our house, especially from the exterior, I see “Modern English Cottage.” I definitely made that style up, but I’m digging it.

Our main goal with this home is to bring it up to date, while maintaining some of the original charm. I’m going to list out some of our ideas and dreams for this home below each before photo and will update this post with links as we go room to room making updates.


This photo was taken the day we got the keys and signed 20,000 papers :)
I first fell for the leaded glass window because it gives me all the Pride and Prejudices vibes. Our front door also has a leaded glass window that I LOVE.
In my dreams, we paint the charcoalish navy trim…. you guessed it. WHITE. I’d also like to do something like a copper or matte black awning over the window to replace the shake that isn’t in the best of shape.


Originally when I first toured the house while Trey was at work, I confirmed my “Woah, How do I update this?” feeling that I had gotten from these listing photos. In person, I could see more potential, but was still wide eyed. My two major hang ups were this fireplace and the kitchen. Both very distinct.

Our plan for the fire place is to paint it white (like this) and update the fireplace screen. I’m hoping I can find a welder to take the decorative pieces off and then sandblast it so that it is just a smooth black rectangle. I guess I should also state that we are saving our pretty pennies up for all new flooring. I drool for wide plank white oak and can’t wait to see that update transform the entire house.


First things first, this is technically the formal dining room. But, as you may have seen over on Instagram and in my Instagram stories, I use it as my office. I love the mirrored wall. I’d even go as far as arguing that I love all mirrored walls with the exception of mirrored closet doors… those can be iffy. There’s just something about them that transports you into another time that I just love. Also the beveled edges on these mirrors kind of give me all the feels. I’m also a big fan of the light fixture. It may stay here or it may migrate to one of the bedrooms one day. Again picture wide place white oak floors with thicker white baseboards and those mirrors. It’s going to be pretty spectacular.


Here is our other living room giving off all the 70s sunken living room vibes. Furniture placement is a nightmare in this room. My plan is to close in that opening by twoish feet to make the tv stand more centered in the room and to create a little more privacy for the office. I originally wanted to close up the entire wall, but I’ve been vetoed.


A little peak into our entry way from this angle… You’ll immediately notice the black tile. The plan is to replace that with the same brick that we installed in our laundry room. I’m hoping by next Spring :)


I started updating this room almost immediately when we moved in because it seemed like the first bite sized step into the scary world of kitchen reno. Next week I’ll show you the updates we’ve made. Stay tuned!


This kitchen. It’s going to take the most love to get it updated. I’ve thought about a total gut job, but honestly that scares the bejeezus out of me. And I actually find the cabinet details quite charming, they just need the hardware updated and a more modern hardware placement. The diagonal lines on top of all the other lines going on in this kitchen make me dizzy. Like math grid paper and I was horrible at math. So the running list in my head is tearing out the upper cabinet over the peninsula, updating the peninsula to a more modern shape or just doing away with it completely (haven’t decided,) new floors (thinking of just continuing the white oak in here because there’s really not a natural stopping point,) new white countertops, new white subway tile backsplash, new sink, new light fixture, fix ceiling patch job, take down wallpaper, replace with white paint, and oh… A NEW STOVE. Our Samsung stove from our previous house is actually ready and waiting in the garage to take its place, but I am still mulling over how to make it work since the current stove is wider. I’ll need to get a cabinet guy over to see if he can make that one tiny drawer and cabinet door to the right of the stove to match the wider version on the left. Also if we should attempt to put the microwave over the new stove or just live with the tiny counter top one we currently have. There’s also a trash compactor that isn’t visible in the photo above (it’s across from the stove) that we are wanting to replace with a beverage fridge or if the cabinet guy can make it into a cabinet then we’d consider that too. Whew! Thanks for sticking with my long rambling of kitchen ideas.

On a side note: Everyone is completely smitten with the charm and nostalgia of the current stove/oven. I however am the one who has to cook on it and it’s not exactly “Haley” proof. There are some knobs that I don’t even know what they are for and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best cook. So I’m already cooking at a disadvantage no matter the stove/oven. Throwing in mystery knobs is just not fair to me haha


For our Master bedroom all we are doing in here is new floors, thicker baseboards, new light fixtures and updating the electrical outlets. It has some interesting angles, but surprisingly not too bad with furniture in it!


Now for the bath. It needs some love. I actually kind of dig the pink tile, but for resale and updating purposes our goal is to get two sinks in here with an updated vanity and mirror situation. In my dream, we do a patterned or penny tile floor in here with dark grout. I don’t know if you can really tell from the photo, but the vanity section of the bathroom has carpet, while the tub/ toilet section is pink square tiles. This needs to have just one flooring. I go back and forth on keeping the pink tile in the bath/shower. I like it. What girl doesn’t want a pink bathtub/ shower? But in my head I wonder if we get through with the entire renovation and I feel like I made the wrong decision and it just looks dated in a bad way. It would also be nice to raise the shower head so Trey doesn’t have to squat :)


People are going to have their opinions about this powder bath wallpaper, but I totally dig it. In person it is ALL the vintage vibes in a good way. But one thing I WILL NOT STAND FOR :) is carpet in a bathroom near a toilet. No thank you. Not having it. Luckily the plumbing powers at be took matters into their own hands a couple of days before closing. Maybe it was the day of closing. Now I can’t remember. But the toilet had a leak and flooded the bathroom floor and into the hallway and back bedroom closet. At the time I did not think this was helpful AT ALL. I was actually on the verge of a nervous break down/ panic attack combo when we walked through to discover squishy wet carpet. There may or may not have been tears in the car after we left. But all was taken care of and we promptly replaced it with beautiful white hexagon tile that totally give it an upgrade. Other upgrades we’d love to do are new countertops, a new light fixture, bamboo blinds, and I’ve already updated the mirror situation. So kind of half way through the updates on this one.


Guest bedroom one is pretty cut and dry. Paint cabinets white and update hardware, new floors, thicker white baseboards, new light fixture, and new doors.


Two angles of the Jack and Jill bathroom. This bathroom is a really nice size for sharing. WAY larger than the Master unfortunately. We’d like to put in a double sink vanity with updated lights and mirror. Then paint the wainscotting and the storage cabinets in the wall white with updated hardware. The pink tile in here is more brownish pink so it will all be updated to brighten the space.


Guest bedroom two is pretty cut and dry also with the same updates as the first guest room. Paint cabinets white and update hardware, new floors, thicker white baseboards, new light fixture, and new doors.

WHEW! This post has me overwhelmed… but I know once the floors are done it will make a huge difference in how this long list makes me feel. I’m definitely team no carpet.

Overall, I think this home has great bones and was meticulously and lovingly cared for by the previous owner. I’m excited to get to put our stamp on it and fill these walls with our memories. Isn’t it cool to know your house will have multiple lives long after you’ve moved on?

Make sure to check back next Wednesday for a post about our Breakfast Nook updates!