When Sparks Fly

As you know... I'm getting married!

T and I recently had engagement photos taken and it was magical. When I say magical I mean freezing cold and windy as hell, but thankfully you'd never know it because I was so giddy to be freezing cold with him. Plus our fantastic wedding photographer, Michelle, is the funniest human alive and had me blushing!

I look at these photos and just beam with pure happiness! T and I definitely have our rough patches, but I am so beyond thankful to have him by my side through the thick and thin of it all. No one encourages me and knows all my stories, my fears, my hopes, and my dreams like he does. He's a handful and half sometimes, but his heart cannot be matched. I'm sure I'm no picnic sometimes as well! Haha But, no one is perfect and I love that no matter what we go through we still choose each other every time.

Love him to pieces and just wanted to share a few of our favorites from our sweet engagement session.

I could show you all of them, but we would be here for a while :)


Those are just a few of the magical shots Michelle got! Love her and was rolling laughing the whole time. If you are in need of some priceless memories on film I highly recommend her!

You can see more of her work at Magnolia Adams Photography. Also, I'll definitely be posting more of my favs over on Instagram so check me out @haleyacres. I love to chat!

Happy Friday love bugs!!