My outfits can get pretty wacky. Sometimes it is intentional. Sometimes it's not so intentional, like if you caught my InstaStories from Friday and witnessed the floral leggings and leopard jacket combo I was rocking at the grocery store after Barre. Definitely enjoyed a few "Girl, you're crazy" kind of looks.

For every day outfits I do like to keep it simple, but playful and full of personality. The newest (or not so new, but still going strong) craze in organization/spring cleaning is... 
"The Capsule Wardrobe."

I'm not going to go so far as to promote the 40 piece wardrobe, because quite honestly I'm a t-shirt, yoga pant, pajama hoarder and could blow through those 40 pieces easy. No question.

What I do think is important is having pieces that can be worn MANY different ways and that you don't hesitate to reach for in your closet.

One of the easiest outfits is a white shirt and jeans. Everyone has these two items in their closet and probably looks at them as pretty basic, but I'm going to show you how I created 4 different outfits by just changing the earrings and shoes!

Now. Would I wear these outfits back to back? No.
But I would wear one of these combinations each week if I got my booty in gear and did the laundry :) Also it doesn't have to be the same white shirt each time. I linked a few different silhouettes at the bottom of the post that I think are fun and will change this look up even more!

The key must haves about these two items are as follows:
1) Well made = white shirt isn't see through.
2) Fit properly = jeans should be structured, but stretchy enough to hug your curves and for sure be the right length or look good rolled. (PSA: Don't over roll. Three times is probably too many.)
3) Make you feel amazing! That white shirt and jeans should make you feel like you have a ball gown on!

Tassel earrings are huge right now and so FUN! Below are my four favorites I own because they are super light weight!



See how easy it is to change up this basic white shirt and jeans outfit by just switching out shoes and earrings? You don't have to wear a million accessories when your earrings are full of sass and personality! Plus this is just four ways you could wear these accessories and shoes, but there are definitely multiple other combinations that I've worn!


For the locals: My jeans and all of these shoes except the black bow flats are from The Clothing Bar here in Norman. All of the earrings except the white tassel pair are from there as well! (Although they may have a pair of white tassel earrings.) So go shop if you are in town!

For my out of towners: I've rounded up some really cute options for you to achieve these same looks below! 

What is your go to outfit that you reach for time after time? Are you addicted to tassels and pom poms like I am?

P.S. If you have any tips for this girl about shoe storage I'm all ears! :)





*This post does contain affiliate links, but the curating of this cuteness is all my own.