Weekend Look Book: July 30th & 31st

I'm horrible at posting so I'm trying to get better and share a little more of our daily lives whether it is planned or not. I thought a glimpse into our weekends would be fun so here is my weekend look book:

I cannot believe that it is AUGUST. How come the older I get the faster time flies?

This is our bridal shower month so planning is in full swing and I cannot get over how pretty these invitations are that my sister picked out! You've probably never met a pair of sisters who love them some floral more than Abbie and I do. I'm thrilled we have such a strong love for themes too and can't wait to dress up for my garden party bridal shower! 

Other than admiring my beautiful shower invites and sipping coffee on Saturday morning, I had the urge to photograph this one corner of our living room. This chair has been with me for so long. It was in my bedroom at my parents house for as long as I can remember and was my grandmother's before that! Now it has traveled over to our current house and has been spray painted a number of times from white to yellow to white to gold over the years. I doubt I'll ever get rid of it, but I'm sure I'll spray paint it a couple more times :)

I love this Kate Spade striped euro sham as the cushion and you can't go wrong with a gingham pillow!

Usually our mantel is more detailed than this, but it has been so so so so so HOT here lately that I just need things simple. Dusting around twelve different things right next to that window makes me too damn hot. Simplicity is key during the summer. Succulents and a pretty frame and I'm a happy girl.

What makes me a cranky girl is the fact that I still have twenty thousand feet of trim left to paint white. For example, how in the heck did I miss the top piece of this window casing but not the sides?! I couldn't tell you.

At least there is a cute pup model named Penny in this photo. She just plopped down right there and was like "Look how cute I am!"

Saturday night was full of festivities! My friends and I tackled the second of two soirées this month. It was SWELTERING hot, but we had so much fun throwing a luau to celebrate our friend's engagement. Is there anything cuter than a gold painted pineapple?! I think not. I'm planning on a whole post showcasing how cute this backyard luau turned out so stay tuned for that!

Sunday was a slow morning filled with french toast, hash browns, and coffee til noon which is my favorite breakfast combo! T has gotten really good at making french toast and I definitely think we will make this our weekend breakfast tradition. Yummy!

Sunday afternoon I ran to the mall and met up with my sister, nephew, and mom to go round two of trying to find the perfect white dress for the shower. I don't know why white dresses are so difficult. They show EVERYTHING and you better be prepared to try on one million to find the perfect one! Luckily I tried on one million and one white dresses over the weekend and finally found THE one! I love it so much! Can't wait to show you guys!

What is your favorite breakfast combo? Do you prefer weekends full of fun fiestas or laid back, Netflix binging kinds of weekends?