Hello gorgeous! 




I'm Haley! I'm the Acres half of this sister party and I've been adding a little more pizazz to this crazy world since 1991. You'll mainly be hearing from me on the blog side with my sister popping in as my right hand woman as creative support. I am a newlywed! I married my high school sweetheart 11.11.16 and it was the most magical night! He makes me laugh so hard! We have a mini dachshund who is seriously super pretty, named Evie Bee. I'm a sucker for animals so I have two cats as well. One is basically Garfield and the other one is basically a demon. He bites and scratches... I am a Stylist and love adding my "eye" to a range of projects! My favorite so far has been designing window displays at a local bridal boutique! Interiors have always had my heart! I have a passion for pretty and a desire to create as much beauty as I can! Coffee and quiet time in the morning is my jam. I'm happiest at home, curled up on the couch watching Fixer Upper with Evie and my husband!


First thing you should know about me is... My name! It's Abbie. No I'm not 5 years old and my full name is not Abigail. It's just Abbie! I make up the Richmond half of this sister duo. I have a background in commercial interior design and I am currently a manufacturers sales rep for several furniture companies. Which means I get to travel across the great state of Oklahoma on a weekly basis. I am married to my boyfriend from high school. (Please don't call me the "s" word.... sweethearts!) Yuck! :) Together we have a handsome, strong willed little boy named Jenson. He inspires a lot of my crafts and keeps me looking for fun adventures. We added another little boy in July named Emerson, who is the happiest baby with the sweetest grin!  So in a nut shell, I'm just like many of you... a sister, mother, daughter, wife, creative, and a crabby morning person.  

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I not have a single bit of talent left and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’
— Erma Bombeck